Utilities & Project Developers

We assist traditional energy players through the following project phases:

Traditional energy players active in developing sustainable energy projects:


  • Utilities
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Project developers


  • Market and regulatory assessment
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Preliminary funding strategy



  • Market entry strategy
  • Support for equity raising including drafting placing memorandum, counter-party negotiations and
    bankability analysis and input for shareholders agreement



  • Preliminary funding strategy incl. sources, structural options
  • Risk analysis and development of mitigationstrategy within contractual structure
  • Counter-party analysis and strategy
  • Reviewof draftproject documents (agreements)
  • Design optimal and bankable structure
  • Identify the best financial sources and developthe Financing Plan
  • Develop a Base Case Financial Model including sensitivities
  • Organise and run competitive tender for committed financing offers

Corporations & SMEs

We assist corporations and SME’s in developing and implementing their Net Zero Energy plans:

Private businesses engaged in commercial activities (non-energy related ) aiming to pursue a Net Zero Energy Strategy



Diagnose and understand current operational characteristics in terms of energy usage, efficiency parameters, geography, operational needs, future considerations etc.




Identify the best possible Net Zero Energy opportunities. Such opportunities may be in the

form of:

  • Procurement:

    source procurement of RES

  • Generation:

    power & heat generation from RES

  • Consumption:

    increase energy efficiency measures




Further assess and implement selected opportunities. Key assessment points are technical, regulatory, project economics, financial structuring up to financial close or third party sale of projects, if applicable. The implementation process mimics the services outlined under Utilities & Project Developers.

Institutional Investors

We assist institutional investors in the following areas:

Institutional investors seeking to place direct or indirect investment in sustainable energy projects:


  • Pension funds

  • Insurance companies

  • Fund managers

  • Family offices

  • Sovereign wealth funds

Due to historical accommodative monetary policy of major central banks institutional investors are seeking to diversify their investments to include infrastructure investments. In such cases, investors seek higher yield, predictable returns, inflation hedge and diversification.


Depending on preferences, we help institutional investors with placing:




  • Assess indirect investment options in line with investors` risk return profile. Such indirect investments may be in the form of equity or debt through infrastructure investment funds or other externally managed vehicle.





  • Assess and implement direct investment options in line with investors` risk return profile. Such direct investments may be in the form of equity and/or debt into a corporation or a specific project (single or a pool of sustainable energy projects)


Multilaterals & Policymakers

We work with MFIs and Policymakers in various areas as indicated below:

Multilateral financing institutions (MFIs), policymakers (national and EU level), NGOs, associations etc.


Undertake various studies at a national or regional level on:


  • Market
  • Development and implementation of sustainable energy projects
  • Sustainable finance (market, market players, instruments, performance)


Deliver trainings with the aim of building capacity in the field of financing renewable,

energy efficiency projects and sustainable finance.


Participate in technical assistance programs or expert assignments with various MFIs or

counterparties providing development funding.